Indeed, Franck Muller, a company held by Armenian businessman Vartan Sirmakes, still employs to date 370 collaborators in Geneva and 630 in Switzerland.

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Thanks to RJ Romain Jerome and its cool generational icons collection, you can display your geekiness right on your wrist with Pac-Man, Space Invaders or SuperMario themed watches.

The main challenge was the assembly of the telescopic hands.

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Though the rise in dimensions are minimal, it really works perfectly with this watch.

Pressing the reset pusher, releases the brake on the seconds wheel and all parts to allow the cams to slip back to their zero resting position.

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; Over the 26 watches received by the crew, all seemed to be lost.

You will have to get used to the way the time is indicated.

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To show show the timing indications (and another cool thing on which we;ll get back later), the MB&F HM6 uses 9 domed sapphire crystals ; 2 for each corners and one in the center to show the regulating organ.